When creativity and passion combine with exquisite taste the result is Amadeus New York. A venue the like of which has not been seen in New York City. Amadeus New York features a state of the art sound system that we dare to say is second to none. A lighting system featuring the newest technology that will combine seamlessly with the music pouring out of each and every speaker. Amadeus will challenge your senses with every beat and ray of light so that you can feel that this venue is worthy of the name Amadeus.


Have you ever walked into a place that immediately embraced and beckoned you? Have you ever felt so enveloped by an experience that it entirely overwhelmed your senses? This is Amadeus. Located in Queens, New York just minutes away from Manhattan.  

Amadeus New York will showcase the hottest recording artists and DJs from around the world. When you visit Amadeus New York you experience a nightlife venue that builds the party around you. Venue attributes include a three dimensional HD digital LED screen, 2 themed bar areas, acclaimed custom sound and lighting, a custom designed performance stage and over-looking DJ Booth, and the very best in Bottle Service and specialized VIP accommodations spread out in a spacious 3 story venue.